Three green bottles: Made in China…

After we found out about FrankWater and their attempt to develop stainless steel reusable bottles, I got in contact with some of the companies already doing just that to figure out how they were going about it.

Glogg BPA-free stainless steel: Made in China and arrive from factory in cardboard packaging, some of which is then used to send to the customer.

OneGreenBottle BPA-free stainless steel: Arrive from China in double skin cardboard and are then sent out in compostable poly bags wrapped in cardboard cylinders.

Klean Kanteen BPA-free stainless steel: Uses BPA-free polypropylene, acrylic paint, made in China

These all seem to be viable alternatives to single use plastic, or even durable plastic bottles but they come at a price. If you’re choosing to ditch the plastic for health reasons then none come with the harmful chemicals associated with plastic, if like us you’re ditching the plastic primarily for the sake of the environment then you have to consider the air miles that comes with the bottles.

A very rough estimate (based on two people getting a flight from Beijing to London business class) puts CO2e at 4.52.

To give you an idea of what that really means – according to the World Bank each person in the UK produces, on average, 7.86 metric tons per year.YouSustain gives a nice picture of what else could be done with that energy.

This information made me wonder if they all came from the same factory in China and how those factories treat their workers. Most the websites carry disclaimers about the ethics of the factories but I think it’s always worth checking things out for yourself. So I’m doing a little more digging and there’ll be an update when more information is found. Personally, I’ve still got my fingers crossed for the factory up North that Annabelle at Frank Water alluded to briefly.


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