Feelin fresh

On Monday we made a prototype for our first plastic free beauty and hygiene product – and I think it’s fair to say it was a success!

A simple mix of rock salt, olive oil, lime zest and tangerine extract made for a delicious smelling, citrus treat for the skin.


We found a lot of recipes that were expensive but we’ve filtered out the dear ones and we’re testing some of the more wallet friendly ones on ourselves and our lucky friends. It was also a struggle to find ingredients that didn’t have plastic packaging. We forgot to check the lids of the things we bought, a mistake we will try to rectify in future if it is possible to find an alternative. As for existing products we have with plastic packaging lurking in the back of the cupboards, we have decided that we can put these to good use if we need to, and once they are gone we will not be purchasing them again.

We’ll update on the results and make sure any winners are available through our shop page. The recipes will be posted on here too in case you feel like joining us for bit of natural DIY beauty!


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