There seems to be a BPA-free revolution happening in UK supermarkets


Found these BPA-free plastic food and drink containers in Sainsbury’s today. They’re made by a company, based in New Zealand Auckland, called Sistema. The company’s innovative approach to food storage is all the more powerful as their products are made locally to Auckland. So that morbid feeling that ponders the possibility of inhumane production isn’t left lurking around as drink from your new Twist n Sip bottle.

Its seems as if they have a factory in Chertsey, UK too – although I haven’t yet been able to figure out what they do there.

President of Sistema USA, SImon Kirby, claims that consumers tend to replace all their existing plastic kitchenware with Sistema products which he terms ‘collectable’. Given the take up by the majority of  the UK’s leading supermarkets and continuing growth of the company, a lot of plastic is about to be – and already has been – disposed of. It would be great if Sistema could encourage it’s customers to recycle rather than send their unwanted items to landfill.

It’s great to see that people are waking up to the dangers of using BPA products for food storage hopefully Sistema and their supports will also be considering the impact these products – with or without BPA – continue to have on the environment.


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