Beginning the plastic free journey

This week we are going to start measuring our own plastic consumption, shopping as we would on a normal week to get a true representation of the amount of waste we produce.

We will keep you updated and post pictures of the mounting plastic packaging throughout the week. Once we reach the end of the week we are going to analyse what we have collected to pinpoint what the main products are that we need to find plastic free alternatives for. We can then begin to update you all on our journey to reduce our plastic waste and hopefully encourage some of you to join us and do the same.

We have decided on a few simple rules for our waste collecting week:

  • We are not going to include existing plastic such as half full bathroom products in our usage for this week as this is a misrepresentation of a weeks waste. Only items fully consumed or being thrown out this week will be counted.
  • Remember to include products consumed whilst out of the house (such as your sandwich and bottled drink at lunch)
  • Try not to let the idea of reducing your plastic consumption sway your results for this week. This is meant to be a true reflection of your normal week simply to allow you to see the benefit later in your journey.

Feel free to send us your pictures and get involved, we’d love to compare and we are interested in your ideas to reduce plastic consumption too!


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