Express yourself: Friends of the Earth in Bristol

So last night we spent the evening at Friends of the Earth’s Express Yourself Event – hosted by the lovely Melanie Rideout. From 7.30pm Bristol Folk House filled with people wanting to hear good music, listen to ideas and solutions whilst eating free cake. Hidden away down an alley off Park Street, the venue’s flower covered decking shone in the candlelight. The turnout was marvellous -in the event room there were more people than seats! It was great to meet people from all avenues, some directly involved in activism others just curious about the environment and have the opportunity to explain some of the things me and Terri have been up to…

(scroll to bottom of post for info on our next venture!)


Bristol Folk House waiting for it’s visitors…                               The gathering begins…


Soundcheck                                                                              Friends of the Earth


Me talking about Down and Out in Bristol with Plastic and some of the things we’ve discovered


Mel Rideout – who arranged the event (she’s marvellous) and Tim on the right.


This is Jessica Thorn who is a ceramicist (click here) and works  at the Bristol Guild. We got chatting and she asked – with drink cartons at the Guild in her mind –  why companies don’t collect and reuse the bottles they sell to the cafe, surely it would cut out a lot of expense everybody and reduce environmental impact? I think this is definitely something worth looking into – they used to do it with milk bottles, so why not other drink containers? The next project for me and Terri!


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