Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Some good tips here, even doing a few of these will make a difference!

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It’s said you need to do something thirty three times before it becomes a habit. I’ve been wondering how easy it is to break a habit!

Many of our environmentally, negative behaviours are a result of habits.

I’m working hard on reduce.

Recycle is a great word and a good habit but we’ve tried to cut back on many things that are non-essential.

I’ve already mentioned that I don’t like single use water bottles.

Since I decided they were negative I decided to grow a new habit.

I now carry a bottle everywhere I go. This way I can drink tap water that I have or obtain any time.

It’s not the only thing I carry. I also hate single use coffee cups. Though they are often paper based they’re generally waxed or plastic coated. This means they won’t biodegrade.

To avoid using them, I now carry a Keep…

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