No (plastic) scrubs.

So we’ve been at it again, making scrubs and figuring out how to lead a plastic free lifestyle. Our latest delicious scrub consists of rock salt, brown sugar, lemon grass essential oil a little olive oil, orange rind and some coconut oil.


We ground down the salt and sugar much finer than we did last time which meant the scrub was easier use and silkier for our skin. Other than the small circular window pictured this rock salt comes in cardboard packaging only.

Here’s Terri grinding away.


We melted down the coconut oil on a low heat and mixed it in with the olive oil. Both ingredients came in glass bottles but we didn’t manage to find anything locally that had absolutely no plastic packaging – If anyone comes across some please let us know!


So how did it turn out – well it smelt like a delicious lemon cake so if you prefer something a bit less sweet then I’d recommend reducing the amount of lemon grass essential oil you use. We also found that if the scrubs weren’t kept warm they became pretty stiff which we think might be down to the amount of coconut oil we used – so don’t over do it and try and keep your scrub warm.


Photo credit: Linda Evans


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