me and am

Terri Cramer & Anna-May Richards both moved to Bristol to study and never left.

We love this city and are very proud of how green conscious the people are here. This has inspired us to do our bit too!

Down and Out in Bristol with Plastic documents our attempt to use less plastic on a budget. Without encouraging anyone to feel guilty about their plastic consumption and waste (life is for living) we encourage anyone who reads what we write to do the same- Our focus is on Bristol but we also investigate plastic waste and alternatives globally. Start small to make big change.

Feel free to send us suggestions about things we should investigate or shops and products we should include, or correct us on any information you think we’ve gotten wrong!

E-mail: downandoutinbristol@gmail.com
Twitter: @DownOutBristol

Illustrations by Jake Aston Cope: www.jacope.com

Thanks to George Orwell for writing Down and Out in Paris and London; inspiring both our name and our social conscience
We also owe a lot to Plastic Free: How I kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too by Beth Terry


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