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Beat the Microbead plasticbank

Soap and GlorySoap & Glory are yet to remove microbeads from their products click here to message them directly and here to leave a public comment on their products page (posting on Facebook is usually pretty effective too). Here’s a sample message you can send or post:

Soap & Glory – your products smell lovely but they contain plastic microbeads which are harmful to humans and the environment, please do as L’Oreal, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever and others have done and commit to removing plastic from all your products!

Sample letter to send your local MP to get the issue of microbeads (see full article here) raised in parliament:

Dear _____

Microbeads found in hundreds of beauty and hygiene products sold in the UK cannot be filtered out of water through filtration systems. As a result the beads are making their way into lakes, oceans and our food chain! The polyethene and polypropylene beads act as a sponge for toxins that are harmful to both our marine life and our bodies. Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oreal and other prominent personal care companies have committed to phasing out microbeads in their products. Five states in the US have banned the use of microbeads in products sold in their states. I urge you to bring the issue to Parliament and encourage the United Kingdom to follow suit and rid our lives of this dangerous bead.

Yours faithfully,


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