Plastic nibbles?!

Not so long ago we posted about the negative impact using microplastics in the personal care industry has on us and the environment, but particularly on the planet’s oceans. Whilst microbeads in toothpaste and scrubs is largely to blame for microplastics presence in the habitats of fish, that presence can also be attributed to the way bottles and other plastic break down in the conditions of sun and sea. This short 2 minute video by MinuteEarth explains it all very nicely so take a look! Back to beauty – the Cosmetics Compliance Summit in October is the perfect opportunity to raise the issues surrounding microbeads and plastic in Cosmetics, so don’t forget to send a letter to your MP asking for their use to banned like many states in the U.S. have done!


Tell us your opinions!

We have created a quick survey to find out your opinions relating to natural beauty products to give us an idea of how many people would consider changing to 100% natural alternatives. Hopefully it will also help us figure out what your favourite beauty products are so we can try to recreate them in an eco friendly way.

Get involved and give us some much appreciated feedback! Thank you in advance.

In other news we also have a wonderful new logo for Down and Out in Bristol with Plastic! Thanks to Jake Aston Cope for creating this for us.



Clean face? Dead fish.

So two of the reasons we’re making our own beauty and hygiene products are to reduce the amount of plastic packaging we throw away or put into recycling and to reduce the impact of harmful chemicals such as BPA which leach into the products and onto our skin but there’s a third. Inside the bottles of lotion and toothpaste lurks plastic in the form of microbeads and polyethylene. I was pretty surprised when I found this out and immediately stopped buying my favorite Soap & Glory ™ body scrub – a very sad day. The tiny polyethylene and polypropylene microbeads that make my arms and legs so silky smooth can’t be filtered out by water systems so stay in lakes and oceans poisoning fish and whatnot.

It’s not just  sea life these beads are harmful to. The beads act as magnets for other toxins and chemicals which if eaten by fish enter into the food chain, ending up in humans. Thankfully they shouldn’t be around for much longer! In June 2014, Illinois became the first U.S state to introduce a phasing out of products containing the beads. Off the back of campaigning by 5Gyres major players in the hygiene and cosmetics industry have committed to removing microbeads from all their products – cos who wants to wash their face with plastic? Karin Ross of the Personal Care Products Council who helped draft the legislation in Illinois says ‘it’s a positive first step’. She’s certainly right on both counts; the move is positive and it’s only a first step.

The L’Oreal group, which includes brands The Body Shop, Garnier, Diesel and Redken as well as others, is set to have the microbeads phased out by 2017. Johnson & Johnson, aka Neutrogena and Piz Buin, have set the same date. Unilever which includes consumer brands Dove, Simple, Radox and St Ives, is aiming for 2015. A full list of companies following suit can be found here.

Alternatives which are being researched include cocoa beans, Continue reading

Feelin fresh

On Monday we made a prototype for our first plastic free beauty and hygiene product – and I think it’s fair to say it was a success!

A simple mix of rock salt, olive oil, lime zest and tangerine extract made for a delicious smelling, citrus treat for the skin.


We found a lot of recipes that were expensive but we’ve filtered out the dear ones and we’re testing some of the more wallet friendly ones on ourselves and our lucky friends. It was also a struggle to find ingredients that didn’t have plastic packaging. We forgot to check the lids of the things we bought, a mistake we will try to rectify in future if it is possible to find an alternative. As for existing products we have with plastic packaging lurking in the back of the cupboards, we have decided that we can put these to good use if we need to, and once they are gone we will not be purchasing them again.

We’ll update on the results and make sure any winners are available through our shop page. The recipes will be posted on here too in case you feel like joining us for bit of natural DIY beauty!