Plastic collections











 We set ourselves the task of collecting any new plastic we bought and used everyday for six days – a task far more tricky than expected. Afters days of weird looks from friends and the general public for obsessively stuffing bits of rubbish into our bags, we’ll now be doing all we can not buy these items in the first place! When we find alternatives we’ll post them here.


IMG_8347      IMG_8345

wpid-20140711_223150.jpg      IMG_20140713_133400

Day 1                                                                                                  Day 2

IMG_8341       IMG_8351

IMG_20140714_233048       20140716_174955

Day 3                                                                                              Day 4


20140721_132924   20140723_191629

Day 5                                                                                            Day 6


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